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Star AniMaLwiThiN
Basically a group about martial arts en self-defense in general.

Group Founder: scra
Description: this group z my atempt 2 teach th little i knw bwt th martial arts en selfdefnse bt 2 learn frm thoz wit knwldge bwt th same.i tek absolutly NO credit 4 this group bcoz most of wat z on this site iv learnt frm my teachr(mr erle montaigue)*who 2 this day i stil beliv 2 b th greatst martial artist*(1949-26/01/11.m.h.s.r..i.p),i hope t cn b of sme hlp 2 all who read it.if you've wanted to learn or you are already studying a martial or self defense art or you just intrested in such stuff...then check out the site,i guarantee you wont leave how you came.-_-.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 35
Category: Arts & Culture > Art

Topics (17)

go Rulez 4 fighting. (7) scra
go Martials arts quotes..Feel free to add! (25) scra
go Which is th best martial art? (6) scra
go Classical vs NonClassical martial arts (0) scra
go Training drills, conditioning and etc (4) scra
go random facts! (3) scra
go Ashihara Karate (2) scra
go What is meant by being a 'master' of an (0) scra
go Read this! Important! (1) r6z
go knife defense. (2) scra
go Tip for women (6) r6z
go (THE MIND)why we practice forms or kata (2) scra
go Way of the Warrior (0) scra
go whAt the Martialarts are NOT! (0) scra

Photos (5)

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