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Subject: Rulez 4 fighting.
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scra 21.01.11 - 01:07pm
1.legs ur 4 standin,th hands ur 4 fighting.
Its a big temptatn 4 beginin m.arts studnts 2 learn fancy kicks in order 2 show his frendz that he z doin a m.art. Bt in reality,kicks of any kind wil put u at a disadvntage.leave th fancy kicks 4 th filmz en use only handz 4 selfdefens.if u must kick,only kick frm th knee downwards and if u must kick alwyz kick frm th front leg! *

scra 21.01.11 - 01:33pm
2.Never use two steps in fighting.
U must alwyz mek yo defns your attak.his subconcious switchez tel him that u wil attak nxt afta u hv blocked.bt if yo block becmez yo attak,he has nt hd tym 2 think abwt it. U hv attakd him durin th tym that he wz suposd 2 attak u!this z th*logical*way of th fyt,he daz smdthng,then u do smethng,then he daz smethng.etc..(if u wntd logic,u wudnt b fytin wud u?)u must change th*logical*fyt in2 a totally*illogical*fyt so that his switchz ur cmpletly broken dwn. Mek it a fyt of;he attaks,then u attak,then u attak,then u attak! Neva giv him that slight break wen his brain telz him thats its his turn 2 do smethng,tek his tym away from him en use it 4 yoslf. *

scra 21.01.11 - 01:49pm
3.Never step backwardz.
Wen u ur attakd,do nt do wat most so calld*m.arts*teach u 2 do,2 step backwrdz as u block! This wil invite certain defeat.any fytaz or brawlrz all work on*switchez*.we ur born wit switchez dat tel us 2 do certain thingz subcnciously,lyk a male pupy that,@ a certain age beginz 2 lift hz leg,y?he may nt hv sn atha dogz doin dis bt he daz t anyway as if sme prgamr hz prgramd a cmputa prgrm in2 hz brain.sme1 who z attakin u expcts u 2 b whr u ur wen he attaks,athawiz he wud nt hv attakd u whr u wer.e.g. Wen sme1 thrwz a punch,th do nt thrw th punch 2 wher th think u myt b,bt 2 whr u ur @th tym of attak.rememba tho,th attakr z expctin u 2 eitha b thr or 2 move backwrds.so evn if u do muv bak,he z rdy 4 dis en wil launch anatha attak 2 cmpens8.so,if u nt wher expcts u 2 b,en mre imprtantly,if u in hz face attakin hm,hz jus nt rdy 4 this.he hz 2 regroup en think bwt wat 2 do nxt... *

angel207 30.01.11 - 05:50am
Technique first..speed n strength will come naturally *

scra 24.04.11 - 12:56am
4. neva use pushes or pulls in selfdefens. pushes en pulls dont harm ppl.so y use them. th only tym u cud use a push or pull z a put th attacker in line of an oncomin car. *

scra 30.07.11 - 09:54pm
5.Neva go to th ground.
If sme1 z abl 2 tek u 2 th ground,then eitha get a new teachr or learn beta en train hardr!graplin z great,bt nt if th attakr hz friendz!en this z usualy th case in mst street attaks.u hv evrythng thr in yo martial art style 2 defend against graplin type attaks,learn 2 use yo art corectly. *

scra 6.01.12 - 09:43pm
6.Dont flinch, blink or turn away.
U see it in alot f pipo who havnt masterd fyting. They are scared and arnt sure wat th are doing. When a punch or kick comes at them,th react--th flinch,cover their head,blink thr eyes,en smetyms even turn thr back!!U cn almst here th intrnal dialogue, oh no..Here t cmes. Im goin 2 get hurt. This type f reactn z natural--an instinctiv respnse in an effrt 2 defend yoslf.Th result,howeva z that u ur put at a momentary disadvntage sinc this type f reactn creates an openin an oponent cn exploit. If u blink u lose sight f an oponent momentarily. Vision z also disorientatd durin a flinch as evrythng becmes a blur f mvement. And if u turn away,evrythng(yo ass) z exposed. *

scra 1.05.13 - 09:16pm
explosive at
tacks with no tell signs of intention are best.attacks should catch the opponent off guard,throwing them off balance,leaving the opponent unable to defend against further attacks.the concept behind this is that you initiate your punch without any forewarning such as tensing your shoulders or moving your foot or body,the opponemt will not have enough time to react.the key is to keep your body and arms,loose,weaving your arms slightly only becoming -tense- upon impact. *

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