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Subject: Tip for women
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r6z 17.02.11 - 08:49am
Women, herez a quick self defense move that can b used wen u r threatened....though itz illegal n fatal, itz d only option...first, hit d side portion of d enemy neck with your hand really fast n hard ( lyk a karate chop) it stops blood supply to d brain..if it is done properly, d enemy wil b K.O....if not then kick his **** (u knw wat i mean) with ya knee...it wil bring him dwn 4 a few sec, givin u time ta run away 4m him.... *

r6z 17.02.11 - 08:56am
Another tip.....u must do it real quick....use ur index n middle finger to poke d enemyz eyes...it wil blind him for sum tym....then use the other moves mentioned above..or run... *

r6z 17.02.11 - 08:58am
Use ny object wit u...lyk ya handbag or a pen or a spatula...maybee d stilletos...its for ur defense...so dnt hesitate...even if it means killing! *

r6z 17.02.11 - 09:00am
In USA women carry a revolver with em...in their purses with em where eva they go....n its hence called d ladyz gun.... *

r6z 17.02.11 - 09:03am
If u wana revive the K.O. person (as said in d first tip) u must massage n rub his hands, neck n shoulderz very fast...so that he does not slip into coma.....remembr DO NOT TRY THESE MOVES 4 FUN..THEY R REAL....IF U DO IT ON A MUGGER OR A THIEF N HE IS K.O. THEN ALERT D COPS N CAL AN AMBULANCE RIGHT AWAY.... *

scra 17.02.11 - 11:32am
dis z jus a slightly mre detaild explanatn of wat hpnz wen u strike sme1 neck. 1stly,strikin th neck doez nt stop blood frm goin 2 th brain.Th carotid sinus(tiny blood vesselz dat transport blood 2 th brain).liez in th neck.th carotid sinus hz 2 imprtant functnz,1 th obvious z 2 supply blood 2 th brain,th 2nd z 2 control blood pressur.nw wat hpnz wen u strike th carotid sinus z th brain send a msg 2 th heart that u hv xtremely high b.p,en th heart,in an atempt 2 *normalize* th b.p lowerz it.bt since yo b.p z normal t meanz th heart wil lower yo alrdy normal b.p en ul then hv low blood pressur en dats wat causez th knock.owt. *

r6z 17.02.11 - 12:09pm
Yeah....ur rite scra....diz is actually what happens when u strike d neck.....bt remembr THE POWER LIES WITHIN U...U BELIEF IN IT WILL HELP U TO GAIN ALL THE COURAGE N POWER U NEED TO TAKE DOWN YOUR NEMESIS....trust in yourself *

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