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Subject: Ashihara Karate
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scra 10.11.11 - 11:03am
Wer 2 start. . . .Ummm. . .K il start frm th beginin........... What is ashihara karate? Karate-do z made f 3 japanes ideogrmz; kara means empty, te means hand and do means way. Karate-do, therfore z a way which demands f th karate-ka a dedic8d and concntr8d strugle wit th inner self 4 improvemnt in ALL THINGS...Wooo. . .*mouth full*.(en u thot t wz jus kicks en breakin boards) Thats a mre detaild definitn anywys. . .Karate z a group term 4 styles that originatd in okinawa..Thr ur many many stylez f karate...(shotokan,kyokushin,goju ru,dentokan etc). En ashihara z a separ8 en distinct systm startd and develpd by late grandmaster 'HIDEYUKI ASHIHARA', and several changes wer brought 2 th kyokushin style,as wel as a cmplete emphasis on self-defens. This chnge has also bn influencd by street fyt karate and aikido evasive techniques, leadin 2 th develpmnt f ashiharas own fytin katas and sabaki principles. ASHIHARA Z TH BEST KARATE 4 STREET DEFENS!!! *

scra 17.11.11 - 08:40pm
Th quintesenc f ashihara karate lies in its innate rationality.It embraces a method which z probably th mst scientificly logical.As such,ashihara karate z th mst vital and practical in real-fyt situatns.Ashihara cn b describd as MOVING IN CIRCLES. circular mvements mean that, ratha than meetin an oponent head-on, u move around him,stayin at hz side or bak,deflectin attaks and makin yoslf a dificult target.In strivin 2 achieve th maximum perfrmanc f th human body,th chances f being injurd ur reducd and th probability f victory corespndingly increases. This z th philosophy f ashihara karate. *

scra 18.11.11 - 09:29pm
I disyd 2 add this particular post bcoz ashihara z probably th list knwn style f karate in existanc mainly coz its foundr dead soon afta its creation (also coz my gal askd me 2 en i cnt say no 2 her). Eitha way ashihara z gud stuff. *

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