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Subject: What is meant by being a 'master' of an
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scra 17.11.11 - 09:01pm
To me, there are two ways to define the term. One is that a master is only a master when your master tells you, you are one. Sort of on the same lines as you're not a man until your father tells you, you are one.
The other definition i heard was that a master is someone who can continue his journey without the need of a teacher to constantly guide him or her. Its not that the master cannot benefit from additional instruction and guidance from his teacher, but rather there is a level of understanding that does'nt require it. In fact, once a student reaches this level of development, then the master teacher knows that it is probably time to leave that particular master student alone, atleast for the time being, so that he or she can have some time to take a few steps alone, and enjoy that feeling of liberation and freedom that comes with mastery. A true master is a master of himself, not a master of others. A true grandmaster in my opinion is a teacher who can and has taken a student to the point of mastery. There are alot of teachers out there, and a lot of masters, but very few can take another to the level of master. *

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