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scra 1.05.13 - 08:58pm
-you can win if you want to badly enough-,means that the will is constant.no amount of punishment,no amount of effort,no condition is too -tough- to take in order to win.the real fighter is one who gives all he has ALL THE TIME.a fighter must learn to perform at TOP SPEED ALL THE TIME,not to coast with the idea that he can -open up- when the time comes.attitude is probably best described by the term OSU from kyokushin karate.you push yourself until you think you've reached your limit.first your body wants to stop,but your mind keeps pushing you.then your mind wants to stop,but your spirit keeps going.you endure the pain.that is osu.it takes years to properly learn the fundamentals.the basic techniques are performed thousands of times until the are done by reflex or instinct,without concious thought.its easy to get frustrated by doing the same thing over and over again,especially when progress seems slow.to overcome that frustration and continue training takes patience and determination,that is osu.the absolute and unflattering devotion needed to -scale the cliff- of martial arts is osu.ultimately,one realizes that transending the kicks,the punches and the kata,there is a special spirit in the heart of the martial artist.it teaches them to face the demands of daily life with a mature and enduring attitude.a martial artist isnt easily shaken by the blows of adversity,realizing that for a person to draw near to their true potential,a never-say-die spirit of perseverance is required. *

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