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Subject: (THE MIND)why we practice forms or kata
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scra 9.02.11 - 12:39pm
as u read dis topic,imagine that u ur holdin a big yellow juicy lemon in yo hand. U must SEE th lemon in yo mind's eye,u must feel th waxy texture en that littl lump at th end.tek a big knife,cut th lemon holdin one half up 2 yo mouth,en squeeze th juic in2 yo open mouth.wat hapend?yo mouth producd saliva didnt it.u realy didnt hv a lemon,u wer only imagin it.yo mind hweva,stil causd yo body 2 do wat it wud hv dne hd u a real lemon! *

scra 9.02.11 - 12:50pm
it z th same wit th martial arts.wen we practic our formz or kata or shadwboxin,we imagine th oppnent in front of us.if u hv a gud imaginatn,yo subconcious mid wil b doin all thoz selfdefns applctnz as u go thru yo forms.th gud thing hweva z u only hv 2 b tld th applictn once or twice en only hv 2 go thru th form imaginin that u ur performin thoz applctnz.afta which thoz movments go in2 yo*long term* memry en u no longr hv 2 think bwt them,th wil jus hapen subconsciously if u ur eva attakd(provided u practicd corrctly).th beauty of doin form or kata correctly,u do nt actualy hv 2 go owt en fight ppl in order 2 learn bwt selfdefns. *

scra 9.02.11 - 01:13pm
yo mind cnnot tel th diffrnc between wat z imagined en wat z real.ppl who say th only practic wat z *real* en neva practic form or kata wil neva b gud at selfdefns.y?th ur tryin 2 learn wat thr instructor knowz en nt HOW he knew.in learnin a m.art frm th beginin(formz,kata etc) we eventualy invent our own systm wer th art becmez ourz,we own th art,it doez nt own us.hweva,inordr 2 own th art,it must own u for smetym in th beginin.
NOTE:alwyz b careful wat u think!bcoz wat u think,yo mind z actualy doin!(christianz read matthew 5:27,28).this apliez 2 all areas of lyf en has a direct bearin upon yo stndard of life.sme1 cn b on th outside a saint en hv a miserabl lyf bcoz wat th ur thinkin is nt so saintly! Yo mind z th most powrful weapon u hv in both selfdefns en in yo daily lyf.use it wisely.-_-. *

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